‘RP’ – Familiar? Cyber Fashion – Get Yourself a New Persona

RP? Don’t shrug; this is the new happening thing over Facebook. Wait, wait, I know this is a fashion Blog. But fashion is all about wearing your self isn’t it? Well, RP (the abbr. of Role Playing) is a way of wearing yourself over the new Internet addiction – Facebook. Wouldn’t it be something, say for an evening you stroll down the Parisian Roads and another charming company to walk along this cyber labyrinth with your vivid imagination? I’d say, it’ll be a small adventure of your own, in your own terms, it’s a win-win don’t you say? Wouldn’t that be the new Cyber Fashion craze? It is now indeed.

But now the question is what RP is? And how you do it? First choose the character you wish to play and create your account and set up a convincing profile for it and voilà. Typically your fame among the RP’s will depend upon how popular the character itself is and how smoothly you play it? Simply some jotted down the RPs to be failed actors/models at a glance. But let me inform you one of my favorite RP friends is a medical student with brilliant talent for drawing as well.

Now who are the famous characters for RP? It’s easy, current literature and silver screen famous personas. From Anne Rice’s best seller pages we have Lestat, Marius, Nicholas, Claudia, Louis, Armand, Akasha etc. but even among them, brat prince Lestat wins more heart. We have another vampire novel characters from Underworld series, Selene, Michael Corvine etc. And from current Stephenie Meyer’s most famous characters like Bella, Edward, Jacob and the lot and never forgetting to mention J. K. Rowling’s Harry Potter characters. Bottom line these days top craze is for the mythical-mystic characters of fiction as well of silver screen, now it’s your pick and skill.

What happens next? You play, in your own rules, own choice, own time and place. It’s your game and you play in your own terms. I was advised by one of my RP friends to play. (I’d rather play in person than virtually – personal opinion) But real life RP players are also encouraged. Recently there had been one on Anne Rice’s birthday party at St. Louis; there had been one big social meet for role players all around the world.

Fashion yourself such a persona? Choice is yours and the playground as well. But few little things to remember before you jump off to the unknown waters,

  • Facebook has recently imposed certain security measures of mobile confirmation so, if you already have one FB account chances are slim for getting solely one FB account for RP.
  • There is another possibility that if someone reports your profile as fake profile FB will block your account and will take the relative security measures.
  • Beware of posting inappropriate/adult content publicly if anyone reports for an abuse; it’s your skin of nose on the line.

Doing RP’s fun, good as a pastime. A new venture to act out your imagination without hurting yourself with real life consequence. Keep it fiction, keep it virtually real. Have fun!

RP - Role Playing

RP - Role Playing

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4 Responses to “‘RP’ – Familiar? Cyber Fashion – Get Yourself a New Persona”
  1. Hia says:

    Interesting post. Loved it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. ganesh says:

    you are cool!

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