Fashion Tips for This Summer, 2012

Summer 2012 Fashion Trends

Summer 2012 Fashion Trends

Another year of fashion Guru’s to showcase their new ideas and set the trend for the year of 2012. This year is another year of bold moves; some will set trends some will not, yet another year of celebration of us, our souls, and our colors.

Spring is to play with vibrant colors and newest fashion trends while summer is much of warmth and comfortable attire to be fashionable yet not over heated by the dress itself.

So, folks before you put off your leather jeans to the back of your closet; enjoy it one last time at the early spring evening with a red off shoulder and leave your shining locks free, make your spouse drool over.

Before you get yourself all geared up for the fish tail braids or side pony and be back with the hot pants or capries fit, get your tummy fats tuck in. As we all know yes, the winter days have been really fun, all the chubby parts out of sight, all the partying and reckless eating away, big no’s to those now my friends. Hit the gym, get back to rock the bikinis’ at the beach, it’s still is early March, got almost one month before you make the studs feel weak at their knees.

Get ready for some summer love, summer warmth, hot and shimmering sweat (obviously sheen of sweat is smoldering hot, but sweaty and smelly a BIG NO). Speak of the devil, get antiperspirants, no one really likes a sweaty patch

Feel Fresh

Feel Fresh

under the arms, looks gross if you ask me. Get fresh de-odorants like lemongrass during busy day time, can store up the game for ravishing chocolate or bold manly perfumes for the night. Did I forget to mention that guys digs girls these days for the bold move to step into their regime of perfumes. Like Justin Timberlake, a whiff of a manly bold perfume can really mesmerize a man into his inner shock, what will this girl do? Power play begins my friends (wink)…

Summer 2012 Dresses

Summer 2012 Dresses

Now about fashion, what to wear, what not to wear? – The famous dilemma isn’t it? Linen white always is the most comfortable. White in so many ways keeps you cool during the day let alone the science. But white is the worst for picking up spots from here and there. I know, I know, many will jump up with long tales of embarrassing stain stories. Why not choose off-white or lighter tones, a reasonable bargain I’d say? But my friends, bold and dark colors can do the night party trick. So next time plan a summer night date, bring out something off your closet & experiment, shoes with dresses, with tops and everything you already have.

Fashion is nothing without that feel good factor in you. If you’re not happy inside, you won’t crack it on the looks. Eat healthy, lots of water and one healthy fruit at least a day to keep a sheer glossy skin, and sleep you must (yes, even if you get busy at night! No one digs two dark circles like koala!). So, start this summer with the world of unknown possibilities that may come your way, no matter what your sun-shine or moon-shine is, you will shine in your own unique way, won’t you my friends?

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