Women’s Day Special

Terminology And Linguistics

The word ‘woman’ by definition means ‘female human’. In old English, the word ‘wifman’ was used to mean ‘female human’ and the word ‘woman’ didn’t make it to the modern English vocabulary until the late 1200’s A.D. Typically the word woman means adult women of all ages. Today is International Women’s Day, a day to remember the contribution of the suppressed sex of the society, and pray tribute to our mothering kind.

Battle Of The Sexes

Since the beginning, man has been the dominating kind throughout the human evolution. Women have never been more dormant before. From the parliament to the streets, the battle of the sexes never knew any bound. But time has changed since. From the native village of Africa to the wall street of New York women have never been more powerful and equipped for such a war that the world has witnessed since the dawn of time. Women have been on a softer footing under the regime of man, mass rape to execution, serial killings to other crimes, women have been victimized throughout the history of humankind. Every war humanity witnessed, from the power struggle during the 1300’s to the world wars of modern men, the women had been the easy prey, the weaker kind, the playground of torture and domination. Time is changing rapidly with the technology and the integration. Women have realized silence is no longer the only option; the higher education and self improvement have leaded the way. Now there is no work that a woman can’t do, no profession is monopolized by the men anymore. From running a space shuttle to the war field, women have proved to be the better-half of the human society itself. Indeed certain individuals still (yes, typically men obviously!) keep few notion to treat women with lack of respect, but those times are changing now, changing pretty rapidly. Even though women earns only the 65% of the man with equal qualification even today, but let’s keep our hopes high, change is already ongoing…


Contribution To Human History And Coming Future

Let alone the sacrifices of the mothering kind throughout history on a daily basis, a girl sacrificing her childhood simplicity to protect herself from the preying eyes of men and fighting back with intelligence and integration greater to the predatory men. From Sappho to Joan of arc, Marie Curie to Mother Teresa, Margaret Thatcher to Serena Williams to Chanel,  women have proved to the world of men the development and integration with which they have changed the world. Today man is seeing a new dawn and taking baby steps to learn to walk side by side with woman. The process has already begun. Social science and economics has relevant records that prove that woman’s control various sectors of the world economy throughout every year and the world wealth distribution gets its relevant ups and downs. Even though the birth ratio of male/female is getting higher, women have been never more of utter importance than before to the human society.

An Ovation To The Nurturer’ Of The World

Never the weak, no, not before, not now, not even tomorrow, it takes a lot of courage, patience and compassion to be a woman. The sacrifices, the bloodshed, and pain, a labyrinth of struggle that has not only enriched the woman soul, also did bring out the strong mothers of the society. Woman is the symbol of beauty, nourishment, love, and nature, the mother kind of the world. Let us remember and tribute to those women who has spent their tireless effort to bring smile upon the family, who has devoted their soul to the next development for the human race. A happy women’s Day to all!!!

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6 Responses to “Women’s Day Special”
  1. Hia says:

    amazing article. truly inspiring.

  2. Sara says:

    Good article, brings tears. It took a lot to be were we stand today.

  3. Dave says:

    The history is messy everywhere. Men also contributed to this struggle. Everyone played their part. But good post Paul.

  4. Paul says:

    I thank you @Hia, @Sara and @Dave for your kind thoughts, and also I thank my kind readers for supporting us.

  5. nocturnal bedwetting says:

    There are some special diapers made for bedwetters like Goodnites and Underjams. I have heard lately about some people wearing them and even going in them during the day. This sounds weird to me because I thought they were only to be used at night. What’s your take on this??.

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