10 Things To Do Before Diet Becomes Your Religion

Howdy to all @Fashion Philosophy! What made me to write this one was no surprise; one of my BFF has started her diet to be her new religion. I know it is a problem, even I, myself, used to sometimes look myself in the mirror, and used to go crazy, check my weight and if it went up a notch, I used to go super hyper! Simply it used to freak me out! I would hardly eat or sleep only the number would pop-up in my thoughts. But let’s all cool down a bit, I have come across few things, so if I see my weight going high, I step back into my 10-No-Diet-At-All-Cylce, and sit back and enjoy myself while the numbers go down as a background song. LOL!

Step 1: Avoid packaged food:

If you want fruit in your system, eat one fresh, not packaged fruit juice, or canned food, or anything that comes with preservative. Less you get any preservative in your system, more healthy you will eat, more healthy you will get, without gaining weight (Not without pointer 2!)

Step 2: Eat Carefully:

Let your stomach decide how much you need food when you eat. But here can be a bit of problem, if you already have gained weight and chubbier on the side, it might be possible that your stomach has much capacity to do so. Let’s get the science straight, stomach is an elastic sac, if you pour more, it will have capacity to hold more, if you pour less, capacity will decrease. So, chubby jokes apart, if you’re gaining weight, it means you have space down there and it will make you feel hungry, as to maintain your body, it will alert you as it needs more energy in the system. So, to help to reduce that capacity, drink water a glass or two before you start eating, it will fill your stomach with food and water, as water gets consumed faster inside your body while detoxifying and cleaning your inner health, water actually can save the day. It brings us down to the next step…

Step 3: Eat only while you’re eating:

Don’t eat while you’re doing something else. Do not eat specially watching the next episode of any regular serial or totally concentrated working on something. Please do yourself a favor, eat only when you’re eating, keep your cell phone away, and concentrate. You’ll look down your plate and do know what you’re eating and what not. Less emotionally you be charged with anything, more biologically it will help you to decide your food. Remember you are eating to satisfy the physical need, that’s the primary reason, so eat to keep yourself healthy and working. And please don’t eat out of your depression, which is the reason people usually become fat, self pity isn’t the way. And the second you stop caring about yourself you allow eating yourself anything, you become fat. If only not due to some medical reason you’re gaining weight and getting chubby on the side, people will stop caring for you, you get yourself into the depression cycle like FOREVER! Please don’t let this go on, everyone is special in their own way, you need to remember that you’re too. Be special to yourself first.

Step 4: Get rid of the eat-yourself-to-clean-plate habit:

Most of us suffer due to that habit. Even if you’re served excess on your food plate, you tend to get the whole thing down just to get the plate clean. I know, I know, many-many years of habit, might bring out childhood memories. But stop right there, you don’t need to get that plate clean if you’re served Mac and cheese, or anything of the sort.

Step 5: Try to avoid eating out with friends who are not healthy in their eating habits:

You know your friends, so next time you plan your lunch with your friends who are food junkies, stop right there. Try to go out for a hangout which will not include extensive junk food in your system. Try to form a healthy eating group by inspiring your friends to eat healthy.

Step 6: Try to eat healthy:

Let’s eat healthy, certain vegetables detoxify your system efficiently; try to include these delicious items in your everyday food. Tomato for instance is a very efficient detoxifier; unless you have high uric acid level, you can add this veggie in your everyday salad. Yes, simple salad like cucumber, tomato, mint, black pepper keeps your body cool, even during summer. Drink at least 3-4litre of water every day. Include one yellowish food every once in a while and one fruit must for daily goodies to eat, grapes, oranges, pomegranates are really good fat burning agent.

Step 7: Try to trek the walk-able distance rather hopping into a bus/cab:

Try to make it a habit to walk out short distance journeys. So, if you wish to shop few blocks away, try to walk rather than look for transport. Sometimes take small strolls down while coming home from work; it may save a bit of money as well keep you healthy. You’ll also enjoy the evening strolls every once in a while if you can have good company, it can be a good idea to connect with your colleagues who lives along the same route to your home and these small strolls can improve your work place relations as well.

Step 8: Wear clothes that compliment you:

No one is asking you to looks like Angelina Jolie, or be a ballerina, so, try to have few healthy looking curves. Yes, the saying goes for men too, guys always keep it in their system that muscles are always in that out. Ok, not everyone wants Arnold Schwarzenegger bod, chocolate look like Ashton Kutcher is much more in than the hunk look. As for gals, wear knee skirts and high heels, it will create an illusion that you’re taller and little skin can go all the way, making you look leaner. Wear tops not body curve highlighting, but wear close to your skin color, will make you look much more gorgeous.  Few ideas below, get the drift?

Step 9: Allow yourself a good night’s sleep:

Sleep a healthy amount of hours every day. The ideal hours to sleep is 7hours. At least allow yourself that. Less is not more in this issue, less sleep you get bigger your dark circles will get. More you sleep, less your body fat gets to burn, so you gain weight. Eat, sleep and burn the energy you allow yourself to have. Use it all well.

Step 10: Know what suits you, know what’s not, and find your own place own way, remember, we value individuality above others:

Remember we humans, always value individuality above other, so next time you set yourself a goal to lose 10pounds, first ask yourself, do you really need to lose weight? Is it causing you health issues or you just want to lose weight as you think it might make you look sexy, it might not also. Everyone is different, if your body structure looks better with few pounds on will not necessarily look warm and gorgeous without the curvy bits. You might lose the round warm smile with broken boney cheeks. So be sure of what you need and want are the same, then go for dieting all the way.

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6 Responses to “10 Things To Do Before Diet Becomes Your Religion”
  1. Amritorupa Kanjilal says:

    Am going to recommend these steps to some people i know who badly need them.

  2. Paul says:

    Well said @Amritorupa, I can’t convince my other friend though, who inspired me of writing this one. (Sadly!) Hope she reads this one before she posts her next article here. (Wink)

  3. Adams says:

    Good post. Funny yet very cool!

  4. Sonza says:

    Like habit rules, similar to following a routine itself. But good routine.

  5. L-Jay Health says:

    Great article. Good tips you provided. I think most importantly like you mentioned that portion control has the be the biggest thing. Sometimes its not about what we eat, its about how much of it we eat that makes the big problem.

  6. oc says:

    Certainly along 100%. I would doubt, for starters, but I consider that not well worth referfing to.

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