Cinderella Story, 2012

Cinderella got her happily ever after just for the crystal pair shoes. Yes, yes, we all know the story, but even if we don’t get the ‘happily ever after’ part, we have gotten the habit of buying pair of shoes. But there is a trend of sky rocketing price when it comes to tailor-made designer shoes. Will that be worth for the wallet to buy such an extravagance? It is becoming more of a trend to wear equally fashionable something to slip your toes in. And most importantly what can be the possible wallet cut off for the pair? There is a flow of shoes crafted by trend setter designers that can cost you more than your house rent or maybe more than the house itself, surely more expensive than a regular car. So what happens next? Ripple effect, if the pair did turned out to be the next trend setter, oh yes, picked up by the super swanky for her personal collection where there might be a whole thousand designer shoes get themselves as focal light, the normal shoe manufacturer mirror that design and the pair comes down to much more affordable range and becomes the next fashion trend.


Blisters are the fashion killing side effects, if you feel the pair is a bit rickety and hard, if the color will not breakout a stain add some olive oil to the dry and hard parts and if couldn’t pull it through, then wear the next skin of yours, yes the pantyhose to save yourself from limping out of any occasion.

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After all it’s all about the market, if you let yourself the fancy tags, there will be demand for such product and its fancy labels, if you don’t or no one does, the laws of market will force it to go down, as you might have noticed branded discounts for off-season products.

Next time you buy yourself something off the rack, remind yourself that there is an original pair that is only one piece in the world and is kept inside a whole shoe wardrobe along with thousand other pairs as well. Now why does the designers shoe cost so much? That one’s simple, for its exclusiveness and it is more of a marketing good than a product itself. Next time you get yourself a pair, it’s a brag-a-do for you as others eyeball the pair with sheer jealousy. A good effect if you wish to snap the snob bully who picked up on you. See what I’m talking about, shoes have become more of a status symbol than its necessity. Indeed there is diamond crafted or gold-plated pair on the display, but the market for those is still extremely limited and more possibly non-existent. The fancy price for the uniquely crafted products is just because of its scarcity, labor intensive technology and much less supply than the market demand.


If you get yourself a pair that’s pinching up your toes all you can doo it find a peeled potato and stick it up at that pointer of torture, leave it overnight and let it dry, it will not cause that discomfort again.

Get yourself a source of happiness, if someone else pulls out the same jealousy-worthy-shoe-pair-card on you (Yes! If that bully herself!), get yourself a bit of peace of mind. Fashion is not about getting the hot cake trend and walk the walk, it’s about reflecting your soul and your own color through your fashion. It’s your own individuality, your own reflection to the world. Keep it real, keep it more like yourself.

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4 Responses to “Cinderella Story, 2012”
  1. Rakeya says:

    Getting more and more interesting.

  2. Amritorupa Kanjilal says:

    I have a shoe-phobia… can you give me some tips to overcome it?

  3. Paul says:

    Being shoe-addict is a great thing, the feel good factor is really high just by wearing a good pair. But if you really looking for tips to overcome it, I’d suggest, if you restrict yourself from wearing the variety lot, it can help. What I really mean is to restrict your choice to either to black or brown, So, the shoe-phobia can direct you to buy the next shoe pair you like, there is also a control required. You’ll end up wearing the same pairs every now and then, which I’d say not a remedy anyone will lookout for. Rather try to buy pocket friendly products. Fashionable off-beat and pocket friendly pairs. Like fashionable Rajasthani worked shoes with patiyala and kurti or rock regular jeans and tops/t-shirts with smart kito pairs. Cool for summer as well for fun outings.

  4. Eimear Paine (sorry) says:

    You must take personal responsibility. You cannot change the circumstances, the seasons, or the wind, but you can change yourself. That is something you have charge of. Jim Rohn

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