When Body Is Your Canvas

Since the dawn of time, creating artwork with one’s body has been an old practice. From piercing to painting to modern days craze tattoo our body is a piece of canvas to make signature worthy art work. There are various practices for various types of body arts available, such as scalpelling, scarifications, shaping, full body tattoo and body painting. Some of these practices are permanent in nature some are not. Like body painting is a temporary form of art and others are permanent.

Since the Hollywood version of “The Girl With Dragon Tattoo” hit the streets, the emo-look has once again strike with a full force. Rooney Mara did an amazing work with the character and once again tranced the world with her hypnotic magic.

The new fashion craze that has hit with its full force is the tattoo art. Tattoo is one of the permanent forms of body art that intrigues human mind. Where to put that special design, i.e. where to place the tattoo in your body? And more importantly where should you get that tattoo done? As getting the tattoo is a painful procedure, not for the chicken hearts, you must keep few pointers in your mind. Tattoo involves bloodshed as you all know well, so there can be risk of getting HIV and other blood transmitted disease. So, make sure your artist is using new needle set before doing your tattoo and get a ted-vaccine after you’re done with it. Now a day’s inscriptions are more in fashion, like getting an inscription in an ancient language on your rib cage. This trend hit the streets since Angelina Jolie debuted it in one of her action packed big-screen performances.

Body piercing is a very common form of body art and mostly done by the women, like ear-piercing is the commonest form. Naval piercing, tongue piercing and eye-brow piercing are becoming new fashion trends now a day.

Like any other body art, it is recommended to furnish health issues before going for such bold move. Supposedly you got all revved up for getting a new tattoo for your fiancée and you two didn’t stand the test of time few years later, that tattoo can become a source for your own torment. I’d suggest be careful as you march into the tattoo shop or getting a body piercing next. If you’re a tech whiz and maybe you can end up in Intel or IBM think like forever before you’re getting yourself a lip piercing or a whole body tattoo. If you wish to show the world for who you are and how your beliefs are, then there are other ways of showing it. Professionals must think before jumping into a mess that will only make you regret. Remember if you’re a tv-show conductor and show up on-screen with extensive tattoo and piercing how your audience would react. So, remember who you are, and even after that you wish to make that bold move make sure you do it without losing your own individuality.


If you can’t wait to get a tattoo, try to do it where it’s not publicly visible as tattoo is for your own self to reflect your soul on your skin.

I think one of the biggest reason tattoo is becoming much more popular is due to its appeal. Every one dies like a normal death, i.e. when there is no more of you, only your body is left behind, nothing more is left. An inscription on such a skin still leaves behind a message or an image of you, something more for you to leave behind than memories.

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4 Responses to “When Body Is Your Canvas”
  1. Hia says:

    Good post dear.

  2. Jim says:

    You’re getting a hang at this! Cool! 🙂

  3. Alexa says:

    Amazing post buddy.
    ❤ it.

  4. Paul says:

    Thank you @Hia, @Jim and @Alexa for your kind thoughts.

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