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Fashion Philosophy is a Fashion Blog, bringing newest fashion ideas, scoops and various tips for the world of glamour. Fashion is a flow, that is ever changing, on going, mutating with powerful notions. The glory of fashion lies not only in looking beautiful outside, fashion is about nourishing your soul with the inner beauty as well.

I chose the Blog name as @Fashion Philosophy because, life isn’t only about keeping up the beauty regime to maintain an attractive look, fashion is about integrating your persona as well. Beautiful outside as well as within, is the new mantra today.

The editor of Fashion Philosophy, behind all the glam talk, the whole site design, I, P. Paul, am an IT professional who cherish a little bit interest in fashion as well. I try to balance out the notion of beauty and brain in my own persona and I try to inspire others my fellow women and men to do the same. I believe balance is of utter importance in life, without it, all things fall apart. Basically it’s all like juggling, what you have in your hand have to throw it up, and what goes up also falls down, so, you have to be there to catch it and throw again…. Repeating, cycle and all about balance. Life without a belief on which to walk is not life… Philosophy is nothing but a path to follow, and fashion philosophy, (the way I try to proceed here on this blog) is that path that seeks inner beauty radiating throughout our beings.

If anyone wishes to contribute @Fashion Philosophy, please contact us at: pradiptaa_paul@yahoo.com with a request to contribute, the admin of Fashion Philosophy will duly consider.


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