Tips To Keep Up Your Power-Self

We all know, sizzling sweaty hot bod is having its’ way in for this summer. But sweating all over the places around your office is a serious no-go. Ladies, curve hugging silks with sweat patches are not only turn-off for the aesthetic sense of fashion, it also shows that you don’t care enough, imagine this message being … Continue reading

5 Beauty Problems Solved

Hola, another warm welcome @Fashion-Philosophy! There had been few questions going on about certain beauty issues. And we have started to take the initiative to attempt to find answers to those tormenting questions. So, let’s start shooting… Should I use the same brand of shampoo and conditioner?                 I’d say:  Well, it depends; usually the … Continue reading

Tips to Get Irresistible Lips

Whenever we hear the word ‘lips’, without all its visual and touchable glory only one thing hovers in our imagination is that of a pair of rosy soft lips. Now such lustrous pair needs much more care to keep that sheen and tenderness to its mesmerizing effect. Our face is much more sensitive than the … Continue reading

10 Things To Do Before Diet Becomes Your Religion

Howdy to all @Fashion Philosophy! What made me to write this one was no surprise; one of my BFF has started her diet to be her new religion. I know it is a problem, even I, myself, used to sometimes look myself in the mirror, and used to go crazy, check my weight and if … Continue reading

Easy Home Remedy for Acne Prone Skin

Acne and summer heat is common to all! It is indeed a damper on the overall get up every day. Basically the acne is a common problem to those who have either oily skin or sensitive skin. Now the very common question, why does acne happen? And what do we do to prevent it? Moreover … Continue reading