Summer Wallpapers

When Body Is Your Canvas

Since the dawn of time, creating artwork with one’s body has been an old practice. From piercing to painting to modern days craze tattoo our body is a piece of canvas to make signature worthy art work. There are various practices for various types of body arts available, such as scalpelling, scarifications, shaping, full body … Continue reading

Women’s Day Special

Terminology And Linguistics The word ‘woman’ by definition means ‘female human’. In old English, the word ‘wifman’ was used to mean ‘female human’ and the word ‘woman’ didn’t make it to the modern English vocabulary until the late 1200’s A.D. Typically the word woman means adult women of all ages. Today is International Women’s Day, … Continue reading

‘RP’ – Familiar? Cyber Fashion – Get Yourself a New Persona

RP? Don’t shrug; this is the new happening thing over Facebook. Wait, wait, I know this is a fashion Blog. But fashion is all about wearing your self isn’t it? Well, RP (the abbr. of Role Playing) is a way of wearing yourself over the new Internet addiction – Facebook. Wouldn’t it be something, say … Continue reading