Tips to Get Irresistible Lips

Whenever we hear the word ‘lips’, without all its visual and touchable glory only one thing hovers in our imagination is that of a pair of rosy soft lips. Now such lustrous pair needs much more care to keep that sheen and tenderness to its mesmerizing effect.

Our face is much more sensitive than the rest of our body and lips have even more tender tissues. Regular maintenance includes cleansing and moisturizing. The natural color of our lips is pinkish but it becomes dull owing to pollution, sun burn, lack of consciousness etc. There are so many branded lip balms with SPF sun protection which help to restore the natural color of the lips.

Chapped and dry lips are common problems faced by us especially in winter which makes our lips less attractive. Use of Chap Stick or Vaseline and drinking a lot of water is essential to fight against the protection of our tender most possession.


Render dullness of lips by using a mixture of honey, rosewater and orange juice or one teaspoon of cranberry sauce and two teaspoon of Vaseline.

Due to vigorous smoking lips become dark and blackish. To prevent this avoid smoking and use some homemade remedy like paste of sandalwood, mixture of cucumber and lemon juice are very helpful.


For Softer Lips: Add strawberry paste, honey and milk cream into a paste and use gently to exfoliate dead cells off your lips. This one is a good remedy for dry skin. For sensitive skin use glycerin, olive oil and rose-water to smoother the chapped parts.


Very small amount of Aloe Vera gel with honey helps to ward off the black-ish lips with its natural pinkish glow.

Glossy Lips

Glossy Lips

For your healthy lips these simple remedy can make your dream come true. These homemade remedies may take up a lot of patience, but it’s not a magic trick to false-promise you overnight wonder. So you should wait for the result. Only four or six times use will not bring the beautiful and attractive lips because regular maintenance are required. These remedies are applicable for all and guys who always neglect lip care will obviously find it a bit of self indulging.

Doctor’s Advice: – Scorching heat of summer and dryness of winter affect our lips, so external remedy is not the only solution. According to specialists to have beautiful lips good health is most necessary. Two teaspoons of Aloe Vera gel with a glass of water keeps your liver, skin and lips healthy.

Tension, stress and today’s hectic lifestyle always give negative effects so avoid all these. Inadequate water intake, smoking, drinking, late night parties and wild life style can cause disturbance for our health as well as affecting our skin, lips, hair with dullness and other side effects.

Beautiful Lips

Beautiful Lips

Make up makes your lips beautiful but always remember that lipstick, lip-gloss, and lip liner only can give a feel good effect but if internal health of your lips is not ok, even good make up cannot conceal that.  Many chemicals are used in cosmetics that may cause harmful side effects, (as the out layer of lips is very thin and easily breakable) that’s why before using any cosmetics you must test whether it suits your skin or not.

Follow the above tips and your irresistible pairs with smolder your partner with the passion that you dearly desire.

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4 Responses to “Tips to Get Irresistible Lips”
  1. Amritorupa Kanjilal says:

    ” Add strawberry paste, honey and milk cream into a paste and use gently to exfoliate dead cells off your lips”
    Please advise how I can stop myself from licking this combination up immediately?

  2. Try to control that licking heart of yours just only for two minutes everyday, so you won’t miss out the tasty licks as well as sexy lips. 😉

  3. Paul says:

    Indeed it would be a tough thing not to lick it all up @Amritorupa…

    One can use regular butter as a lip balm more useful and less chemical option for sensitive skin I’d say.

    Yes, yes, indeed @twilightdreamz, yummy beauty tips though.

  4. guardian angel says:

    Pretty nice post. I just stumbled upon your weblog and wished to mention that I’ve truly loved browsing your blog posts. After all I’ll be subscribing on your rss feed and I’m hoping you write again soon!

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