Welcoming Monsoon With A Bright Bang

Summer is on its way out as season morphs around hi humidity and occasional drizzle by now. What’s on your agenda for the coming monsoon? Simply lay back and enjoy the rain while sipping away from your coffee mug in leisure feeling all gloomy or blending away in the grays? Well, you might jazz the whole thing up … Continue reading

Tips To Keep Up Your Power-Self

We all know, sizzling sweaty hot bod is having its’ way in for this summer. But sweating all over the places around your office is a serious no-go. Ladies, curve hugging silks with sweat patches are not only turn-off for the aesthetic sense of fashion, it also shows that you don’t care enough, imagine this message being … Continue reading

Oh Yes! He’s A Prince Charming Indeed!

Oh Yes! He’s A Prince Charming Indeed!

Yes yes, world has evolved into democrats and republicans, but there are still those with blue blood, who are changing the world politics for their country from a very special place. The most eligible single men who can make a girl a true princess, they are the miracle men. Currently along the title ‘Prince’ we … Continue reading

Hot Pants for Hottest Summer 2012

            Oh well, don’t take it the naughty way! (Wink) What we talk here in this page is all good G rated innocent stuff. Well, if you get the adult version underlying it, all we can do is to smile the baby smiles to keep the crème off our mustache.   … Continue reading