Welcoming Monsoon With A Bright Bang

Summer is on its way out as season morphs around hi humidity and occasional drizzle by now. What’s on your agenda for the coming monsoon? Simply lay back and enjoy the rain while sipping away from your coffee mug in leisure feeling all gloomy or blending away in the grays? Well, you might jazz the whole thing up with some un-expected colors in your life. Since the very start, I have emphasized on the fact that you need to keep colors in your life. I am a strong believer of color therapy. What’s your take away with bright colors around you? You keep feeling happy and active all the time, like a success machine that spins achievements all around. Bright colors keep you energized, resulting into more motivation and you keep reaching out leading to success. And, having vibrant colors around is always a variation, in simple keeping things interesting.

Bright Yellow Top

Bright Pastel Shade Dress

Bright Pastel Ensemble

In summer, pastel was the way of living. But in monsoon, as the rain pour, the sky overcast. The light intensity and brightness is robbed away all around. Even dimly lit hallways in the office can brighten up if you ensemble your regular white trouser with a bright vibrant gold corporate shirt. From metallic to deep hue unorthodox pastel shades can brighten up your days with simple smile.

Bright Pastel Makeup Look
Purple Yellow Bright Pastel Makeup

Even if you’re not yet so bold to try a yellow shirt or purple trousers, you may go for vibrant makeup colors that will bring a twist in the story. From flat out bright nail polish to orange eye shadow, things can get pretty rejuvenating all the while you enjoy your dull monsoons. Here are some ideas illustrated to get the wheel spinning. Don’t forget to experiment away and let me know about the turn over.

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