Hot Pants for Hottest Summer 2012

            Oh well, don’t take it the naughty way! (Wink) What we talk here in this page is all good G rated innocent stuff. Well, if you get the adult version underlying it, all we can do is to smile the baby smiles to keep the crème off our mustache.

            Here my ladies, we do talk of romping the bold card, by pulling off the hot pants! We all know that chubby bits are there, and still summer is on the way. It’s time to brush-up the naked weapon and do some killing. Some might think, we kill the cat on the first night? What’s the fun in that? Really, I couldn’t agree more. What’s the fun if something is easy? Hot pants my friend; are that untamable horses, so we’re about to tread the dangerous waters. Who doesn’t wish to flaunt the heating days with comfy hot-pants and simple flip-flops with casual tops around the block, taking in the breeze or enjoy the sea shores during your vacation?


As you do play out that Hot Pant around the street in the open sun, please do remember to use the dab of sun-block. You really don’t wish get weird-looking tan lines around your waist and thighs leaving the skin you know bright and fair and other parts being tanned and sun burnt!

            Hot-pants these days are no longer those you just cut-offs by all yourself as the full jeans got itself some holes and tears, they have evolved into the next generation summer trend today! So, there are really many varieties to choose from, like denim versions, the bright colors like fabulous fuchsia, teensy turquoise, bright yellow, bold red or simply jet black to the glossy metallic types.


Not feeling much comfortable showing-off great deal of skin? Having bumps along the thighs that do not look so great? Don’t break your spirit; tuck away the tummy fats and uneven thighs by wearing pantyhose or knee-socks or printed-slacks. Combine with various colors and patterns to create the optical illusion that there are no chubby or tucked away stuff, only the fashionable you. Take full advantage of this specific fashion line and stroll away in bliss…

            Fashion is not about just reflecting your soul, it is about having the ultimate sense of limit, that is, how much to reveal yourself? Which should be the skimmed out parts? And where to show the ravishing you and where to be the tender you? Personality my friend has many sheds, it may sound a bit corny but changing that color of our soul makes us special for who we are. We might be that successful professional, might be the tender mother or be the loving sister or the trustworthy friend. All it takes is that, as we play the parts we reflect different bits and pieces of ourselves and all of it together are the person we are.

            Bring out the style, bring out the sheds and ultimately bring out that inner self you have hidden away. I’m not saying Hot Pants are the way of doing that, even if Hot Pants are not your thing, do enjoy the summer and in all it’s gracious ways what it has to offer.

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